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Thank you so much for visiting us online. We started a monument company 12 years ago when we were introduced to a major wholesaler of granite in Elberton, Georgia. Over 90 percent of the granite is quarried in Elberton with the others coming from a few other different places in America and overseas. Our number one concern when we entered this market was to offer superior service, the best granite, and a cost that is the fairest in the industry. We feel we have achieved that. Our monuments, service and cost are second to none. 

When interested in a monument, the following is standard with whomever you deal with:

  • What drives the cost of the monument
  • What are additional options to a monument
  • Are there any requirements at your Cemetery

What drives the cost of the Monument? 

1. Type of Monument (There are basically 5 types of monuments);

2. Flat or Grass Marker (laid level with ground);

3. Bevel (usually about 6 to 8 inches thick with a slight slant back to front);

4. Slant Face (like the bevel with the exception taller and slant more extreme);

5. Die & Base (traditional upright monument, granite base with Granite upright).

Special Orders (Special cuts, wing markers, benches, etc.).

Color of Granite:
Monuments start in Gray and go up in price as you go up the color scale. 

Size of Monument:
Bigger the monument the more it will cost.

Shape of Monument:
Some extreme cuts will be extra.

What are additional options to a Monument?

1. Polish:
Monuments are priced with the front and back being polished, sides, top and other polish will be extra. 

2. Vases
Metal – Composite – Granite 

3. Pictures 
Porcelain - Sandblasted - Laser

4. Solar Lights
These are lights that epoxy to the monument.

5. Special requirements:
Some cemeteries install the foundation or have certain requirements for the foundation, if so it can adjust the price.

The best place to look at monuments is at a cemetery. Take some time to drive through a couple of cemeteries near you and see if there is anything that catches your eye. The wonderful thing about the electronic age is, you might see a shape of one monument, the lettering of another monument, floral or other designs of another, etc. We can take all of your thoughts or ideas and incorporate them into a monument that is specifically designed for you and your loved one. 

All of our monuments are one-of-a-kind, designed especially for you. Each one of us are different, and the monument can be ordered to reflect this. Below you will see the different colors of granite available, examples of monuments discussed above, vases and pictures. 

Thank you once again for taking a tour on the Cox & Son Monument page. Hopefully this information will answer your questions or give you some ideas on the permanent memorial you and your family deserve. Please give us a call to make an appointment, we would love to sit down with you in our office or the comfort of your home to help you design the monument. 

Things to be thinking about when you are interested in a monument: 
  • Do you want a picture on it?
  • Is there special color?
  • Is there favorite flowers or design you would want?
  • Special emblems? (K of C, Army, Eastern Star, etc.).
  • Poem, verse etc.?

Below you will see some colors of the granite available. (These are the most popular):

And you will see different types of monuments like mentioned above. 

If you have any questions or would like to sit down and discuss your memorial. Call us at (618) 272 – 3511 or email us at

Again, thank you for visiting us online. 

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